A Special Message from the Director,
Tim Prewitt

As a mission leader for more than 27 years, all too often I hear pastors say they would like to do more for the cause of Christ both locally and globally. However, they are often not able to do so because of budget or limited funding for missions. We at World Reach have seen God use the concept of sowing and reaping for a global harvest in a congregational partnership through Project S.O.W.

The purpose of Project S.O.W. is to raise a harvest of funds locally to be distributed globally.

It is driven by the reminder of the great harvest of souls God is producing and the desire He has for today’s church to further participate in world evangelism. It is a method. It is completely separate from the weekly giving and is not intended to replace the church’s usual offering. Project S.O.W places no financial obligation on the church, and all “Seed Money” is provided by World Reach.

Project S.O.W. is a unique way to engage the body of Christ in giving back to the Lord. It enhances the concept of giving in a personal way and allows the congregation to take individual responsibility in producing a harvest.

As one person put it, “By participating in Project S.O.W., it really made me feel that I, too, can do something for God.

The excitement, energy and encouragement provided are, indeed, overwhelming! I encourage you to contact us at info@projectsow.com to receive more information about this opportunity to spiritually grow your church through the raising of a harvest for global missions.

Partnering with the King,

Timothy Q. Prewitt
General Director, World Reach, Inc. 


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